Self-care on your time

CT Wellness Co. is a faith-based training and resource company catering to students, professionals, and women. We help today’s & tomorrow’s leaders de-stress, avoid burnout & hold space for self by creating healthy habits in all areas of their life. Helping people in Jacksonville, FL and across the U.S. reduce or eliminate stress. Learn how to become the best version of yourself by taking stress management classes from CT Wellness Co. Cheya Thousand offers an innovative self-help course, Holding Space for Self, which is designed to help you live an intentional life while learning how to develop:

Healthy habits

Cheya is a self-care advocate and certified stress management coach based in Jacksonville, FL. Her curated stress prevention courses are designed to help you develop healthy habits and life a fulfilling life of purpose. You'll also learn how to gain purpose and navigate challenging areas of life, like:

Fitness and lifestyle
Health concerns
Spiritual blockages
Personal development

These classes are available to residents of Jacksonville, FL and the entire U.S. Book now to start living the life you deserve.