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Cheya Thousand is the Founder and CEO of CT Wellness Co., a faith based wellness training company educating students, professionals, and women, in creating healthy habits, de-stressing and achieving lasting balance. Our mission is to improve the overall physical & mental well-being and quality of life for students & leaders by empowering them to build a sustainable lifestyle.

Cheya is celebrating 7+ years on her wellness journey since relocating to Miami, FL from Brooklyn, NY for a new job. This new environment allowed her to initially focus on her physical wellness but later shifted to spiritual wellness. Subsequently, she began researching stress, self- care, and the impact it has on our bodies. In 2017 she launched Hello Mama Box, which is a Maternal Wellness Self-Care package, that encourages Mamas to replenish naturally at all stages of their journey, by creating a weekly Self-Care routine!

As Cheya supported more and more mamas on their journey, she began to realize the importance of sharing her personal journey to support single women and men alike. One common theme was the ability to cope with stress. Burnout seemed normal to so many but she knew that myth needed to be dispelled. Becoming certified in Stress Management solidified her experience and birthed the CT Wellness Co. vision.


Stress Less: Burnout Prevention

An effective way to form healthy habits. Habits can be a dirty word, but we all have good ones as well. Let's demystify the two in our sessions together! This session allows you to align your values with your decisions to create sustainable healthy habits.

Holding Space for Self

It is about intentionality! Living with intention daily in your thoughts, choices, and actions. This is done through Self- Awareness, Self- Compassion & Self- Care to heal and achieve Self- Love.

Gratitude Journaling to De-Stress

Grounding yourself in gratitude through journaling allows you to put all of life's situations into perspective. Shifting the mental conversation to practice mindfulness & contentment while being present in every moment.








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