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Learn from a trusted health and wellness speaker in Jacksonville, FL

CT Wellness Co. was created seven years ago by health and wellness speaker Cheya Thousand. Her mission has been to improve the physical, mental and spiritual well-being for students and leaders. Through empowerment exercises, stress prevention and wellness supplements, people from all backgrounds have been able to improve their quality of life.

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In addition to being a self-care speaker, Cheya Thousand helps people develop the tools they need to conquer stress and feel grounded. This includes understanding the signs of burnout, which include:

Feeling drained and deprived of energy
Slacking off personally and professionally
Building personal and emotional walls
Giving in to unhealthy eating and coping habits

Through self-care courses, wellness packages and more, CT Wellness Co. teaches you how to get grounded by:

Practicing mindfulness
Bullet journaling
Connecting with nature

Find the keys to wellness from a trained self-care speaker. Book now to start living a life of purpose.

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